Where do you want to be one year from today?

Where do you want to be one year from today?

Has anyone ever asked you that question? Well, I am asking you – and myself – now.

Everyone has a vision of one’s self in a different stage sometime in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone can see the rough roads ahead. A lot of obstacles are there to hamper the way to success, but I refuse to be defeated by the challenges.

Each year of my life has been a milestone of achievement for me.

Each experience I suffered also gained me wisdom that fired my inspiration to share my personal enlightenment with others. This passion created my company, Alpha Coaching & Solutions.

Here are 3 major goals for Alpha Coaching & Solutions:

1. To continue fulfilling the company’s mission of empowering our clients to become their best self.

2. To offer even more interesting and rewarding seminars & workshops in our three main topics of expertise:

self actualization and peak performance, situational leadership and effective communication.

3. To expand our scope and to enhance our brand awareness through top notch trainings, coachings and online coaching experiences.

Since our favorite question to ask (and to start with) is: WHY?

You might ask why we set these 3 goals.

Well, we aim to actively listen to our clients needs and wants and create solutions which immediately transform their former issues into assets.

So, where do you want to be one year from today?


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