The Higgs-Particle has been found after 50 Years of research and seeking for it. Physicists are very happy and enthusiastic about it. But what does this mean to YOU? Hmm, good question. First, one missing particle of the standard model of physics has been found. Before this experimental validation it was only theory that this particle must exists. Now we got the proof, fine. Second, I now know that my body can be described with the standard model. Great, but I don’t care. The interesting point I think is that this particle is not answering all questions in physics. There are still some open ones.

The Higgs-Particle seems to be a mysterious and very important particle. And when this mysterious and important particle is part of you and me, you and I are also important and somehow mysterious. And that is absolutely true. If you want you can play the same important role in your life as the Higgs-Particle plays in physics. Without the Higgs-Particle physics is not complete and without you in your life the story of your life is not complete. So do you want to complete your story?

How to do that? Well, first would be that you really decide that you want to play an important role in your life. And when you did you have to act. Your life will change but you have to give up your comfort zone and start acting. No more “others write the story of my life”, no more “I can’t do what I want”. Sure, there will be limitations and it can take some time to really achieve your dreams. But you can! As you can see with the discovery of the Higgs-Particle “Never give up” is the one thing. The Higgs-Particle was only a theoretical concept so far and it was very, very hard to find it. Physicists had to build huge machines and had to invest a lot, and I mean really a lot, of money, time and resources. But they never gave up! They believed that they can find it. And they did.

And that is the other message behind this discovery of the century. Believe in your dreams, never give up and keep working on the achievement of your dreams. If there are obstacles in your way, get over it. If something goes wrong learn from it. But never ever give up to make your dreams come true.

If there is anything we can assist or help you, contact us. If you are unaware what your deepest dream, your dream of your life, is please feel free to ask for our support. If you want to find out what your vision of your life and your mission or purpose of your life is, you know where you can find us and we are willing to help.

So, now it’s up to you. Start living your dream and do not give up. Never!



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