It’s Monday and I’m going back to work. The weekend was too short, again. Do you also have the impression that the days on weekend are always shorter than the days Monday till Friday? Well, it is similar to the concept of getting older and feeling that the time is running faster the older you get. Technically speaking, the seconds and hours are always “ticking” in the same rhythm. A second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom. Ok, good to know that my time is going forward in something compared to a caesium atom. The definition of a second is very precise. But I still feel that the time is going faster the older I become.

Well, maybe it is because I normally do a lot of things on weekend which I like to do or I’m very interested in. For Example, if you read a book and you really get lost in the book because it is so fascinating and interesting you don’t think about time. And then you feel that the time is running faster. Another Example, you’re doing garden work and you get into a state of flow (I will get to the concept of a “flow state” or “flow level” in another blog entry) were you may have the feeling that the time is also running faster. Well, in fact the time is still going linear as it always do but you forgot about it.

Another point may be that I want to do too much things on a weekend. I want to do A and read Books B, C and D, want to talk to person E and F and like to see Person G,H, … . You see it is maybe more than I can do within 2 days. Do I want to do too much? Am I interested in too much things? Well, maybe I only have to think about what is absolutely necessary to do NOW and prioritize my actions, interests and people. If I would be able to really focus on the things which are important for me now I don’t have to think about the time spent. It would be good to have the things finished which are really necessary for me. And I also don’t care about the speed of time. And I also would be living more in the moment and not in the future or past. That is the only time where you can live. NOW!

So, don’t think about the speed of time. Better think about what is really (and I mean really so you can’t live without) important and necessary for you? Is that what you are doing now bringing you closer to your vision of life? Does it help you to fulfill your mission? Is that bringing you closer to your goals of life? If you don’t have a vision/mission or goals or don’t know how you want to be you maybe spent your time useless. So you’d better think about your vision, your goals and how you want to be. And if you know that you can think about what is important to fulfill it and what you need to do know. And then you live NOW and that is the only time where you can FEEL that you are alive. 

Your time on earth is limited so you better live NOW and FEEL that you are ALIVE and invest your time in the things which are important for you. Than you don’t need to care about speed of time.

Enjoy & live NOW


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