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New in 2014:

Achieve Your Goals Workshop

Get access to the exclusive one hour workshop “Achieve Your Goals!”. This video has been recorded during one of Moritz’ live seminars in Canada. He will guide you through the holistic process of goal setting and achieving, introduces his SMART MOVE to you and lets you identify your very own core values. You’ll not only enjoy the full, 60 minute workshop online! You’ll also get immediate access to our exclusive members area where 2 great bonuses are waiting for you! Click here for the limited introductory offer!

LIVE Seminars
We have designed a brandnew BREAKTHROUGH workshop for everybody who would like to:

  • Learn how to turn their dreams into achievable goals
  • Understand what drives them and their core values
  • And why they have not harnessed their true inner energy until now
Breakthrough flyer

Over the years, we have received a lot of feedback from our clients, co-workers and friends on specific topics in the self development area. We identified 5 ‘hot-topics’ which have been requested again and again and for which we have developed 1 to 2 day full-immersion workshops.


Would you also like to inspire your audience and really make a difference? Learn how to become a confident, charismatic & energetic communication expert in this 2 day high-immersion Public-Speaking-Bootcamp.
• Learn the science and art of creating & delivering great speeches
• Become adept at being fully present with your audience
• Master your own emotions while speaking or presenting in front of any audience


Become your best-self by knowing what drives you and avoiding negative stress. Identify your key strenghtes and beliefs that drive you towards your goals and annihalate those which limit you.
This is an intense full-day workshop where you will dive deep into your conscious and subconscious mind. Believe it … or not!


Being fully present. Here. Now. You don’t need to meditate for 15 years to be more aware. For this workshop, I have selected my own “lessons learned” and Aha-moments from my MBSR education, the ZEN Buddhism way, from the seminars and books of Eckart Tolle and Wayne Dyer … and distilled them into this one day workshop which I call
Vacation from your EGO


Enduring success with MasterMind alliances and mentoring: Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your key employees.
Would you like to lead your team/division to an outstanding success? What is the secret of success from Henri Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Alfred Herrhausen and many other distinguished leaders? They all use or have utilized the power of MasterMind alliances!

We have selected the best material for you, combined it with our personal experience and devised some new exercises. To spice it up we added a little bit of humor and lots of creativity… and we are now proud to offer the results: a selection of highly condensed, motivating and engaging seminars and workshops.

Please contact us to request your individual seminar or workshop proposal.

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