Open Yourself to New Possibilities

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Have you ever done something you never did to get something you never had? What is it? If you’ve always been intrepid, check out the tips below for self-encouragement.

Think about these 5 ways to keep yourself open to new opportunities.

1. Break away from regular thoughts and daydream about a positive vision.
2. Throw away your routine and take a walk to work. Greet your neighbors and meet new people.
3. Spend more time to people-oriented activities like organizing a group lunch or community fair.
4. Battle with your shyness and express ideas during office meetings.
5. Reach out to people online and ask for tips. Don’t be surprised when replies pour in like rain.

Let’s face it, most of us are shy for sudden changes. We tend to be set in our own ways and often find ourselves hesitant to accept if something new is knocking on our door.

Why has refusal become automatic? Is it fear of the unknown or just a habit hard to break?

Do yourself a favor and list down exciting things you want to do before your next birthday.

See? It didn’t hurt you to do something out of the blue!


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