I went on an event where you are facing your own fear. And I did it on purpose! Surprised? Well, I was surprised too. More details? Here they are. There was a tree, around 14 meters high with top cut in a way that it was a flat layer where you can stand on. To get up to this level you need to climb up the tree. I was supported by 4 people while I was hanging in an climbing harness connected to two ropes to save me. And the purpose of these 4 people was to save me  from touching the ground at high speed. 2 people were holding one rope each. They were standing relaxed on the ground while I was standing on top of the tree facing my fear to jump down. That was my purpose! To jump down from 14 meters to the ground and believing that these 4 people will save my life. Wow! Not easy.

What was going on in my brain and in my heart at this time? Well, my brain was saying that it will work and that I can see no other safety then these 2 ropes. And it says that this is stupid because only the two ropes are my safety. That was not making my heart beating at a low rate. My heart was bumping like hell while I was considering the possibilities to jump or to climb down.

Well, at this time I was somehow at my own border. Do I have the bravery to jump and trust in these people or am I following my fear and taking the more safety route down? I said to myself “if I don’t jump I will never know if I would be able to overcome my fear and have at one glance enough trust in people” My brain said “this will be a good day (the sun was shining) to die and it is very silly to jump. Take the safe way.” So you see that the border was only in my mind.

How did I decide? I was following my heart and try to be the one and only moment, to be at this specific point falling from 14 meters down to the ground at the only time possible. Now. And I had full trust in these 4 people.

Good decision. I was happy that after a few seconds of free fall the ropes hold me and that the 4 peoples are taking it seriously. I was touching the ground safely and everything went fine. I now know that I can overcome my fear and also that I can pass my own borders in my mind. I call them “mind-borders”.

Now I’m happy that I did the jump. Do you know your “mind-borders” and do you fear to pass them? Think about it.

Hoping that you are able to also overcome your “mind-borders”



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