Expectations. A funny thing in life. I think expectations can be divided into two categories. Expectations you are aware of and the ones you are not aware of. The later ones are the majority in normal life. So, what is so funny about expectations? They rule your life. More or less and together with your beliefs. What you see depends on where you look while it depends on your expectation. You can simply understand this when you imagine you are going to do something  and you strongly expect that you are not able to do it. Your behavior will be somewhat scary and you will always look for failures you did. And you will always think “hmm, this might be wrong, I really can’t do this” and you will have a lack of concentration and will act without a clear focus. What will happen? Well, your job wont be as a good as it could be if you would be very concentrated, focused and taking the feedback of the situation to look for the right solution. Think about and imagine it. You will understand.

Why is it this way? Because your beliefs and expectations are building your reality. How? A human being is getting about 1 million data  from the environment at every second. This is a fact from science. And another fact is that the human brain can’t handle so much information. What will it do? Well, it reduces the 1 million data to about 1 hundred,  takes these data and checks if it already has a similar experience in the past. It will take the one which comes closest. And then the human brain will add some information and makes the reality. And this reality is a subjective reality. That makes clear while one situation observed by 2 people will be different. Everybody has its own reality. Now back to expectation. Your expectation about the situation or event will set the filter for the brain (the reduction from 1 million to 1 hundred) and also the search path to look for similar experiences. And the expectation or belief will also control what the brain will add to make your reality.

Now it becomes clear that our expectations and our beliefs are controlling how we will decide, what we are going to do and also how we live and how our life looks like. Our beliefs and expectations are initializing inner processes and behavior patterns that will influence how we will act and decide. And this is why expectations are so important for us.

Most of our expectations we are unaware of. And they will drive the way I behave very, very quick. If I’m hungry my (unaware) expectation is that I strongly need something to survive and as a result I will look for something to eat. That’s good. The point is that very often we act in a situation where we are not aware what our expectation is. If we are getting clear about it we are in the position where we can decide how we want to act/react. And that is where I want to go. I want to be in a position where I can decide how I want to act and how my future will look like. And therefore I should be aware what I expect. So try to find out and to understand your expectations. I can say that this will be very interesting. Enjoy!



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