What is most valuable for you?

Why is it important to know our values?

Every choice or decision we make, every action we take and every behavior we demonstrate is based on our values.

Whenever we decide between possible alternatives, we invariably choose the option that we value the most. As we can only do one thing at a time (and no: we really can’t multitask), everything we do reflects what we consider to be most important in that moment. Therefore knowing about our values and beliefs and organizing them in an order of priority is the starting point for defining our goals. We have to be very clear about what we value, and in what order, before we are capable of planning and organizing the activities in our life and setting goals with a high likelihood of achievement.

What Do You Stand For?

What are your values?
What are your core beliefs?
What are the organizing principles of your life?
What do you stand for?
What will you not stand for?
What would you sacrifice for, suffer for, and even die for?

These are extremely important questions that are only asked by about 3-5 percent of the population.
How many of them actually have carefully formulated, s.m.a.r.t. goals? A fraction!
This small minority tends to be the movers and shakers in every society.

What are the challenges with values:

Challenge No. 1: Am I aware of my core values?
We do things because we ‘want to’ but we rarely know ‘why’ we want to.
Few people have any awareness of their values. They are on auto-pilot, driven by values that they do not know exist.

Challenge No. 2: Are my values up to date?
Our values are influencing our beliefs and driving our behaviors. Most of our values were established many years ago. Many were laid down when we were very young children. Yet they are likely to be still driving our behaviors decades later – simply because we don’t know about them and therefore have never gotten around to updating them.

Challenge No. 3: How do I fulfill my values?
We usually have only one way of fulfilling a value. Take, for example, the value of Living healthily. Many people just focus on their diet but there are many different ways of fulfilling this value including a sound plan of regular physical exercises, walking/running outside in nature every day and taking care of an inner mental balance.

Challenge No. 4: Do I know the priority of my values?
Some values are more important than others and, again, this ranking of values is likely to be both out of date and out of our awareness. As a result we can spend lots of time, energy, and money attempting to fulfill a value that has relatively little importance, while ignoring ones that are much higher on our list.
This is a very common phenomenon.
Many people rank earning a living higher than looking after their health because they have never seriously considered how critically important their health is. Yes, it is important to earn a living, but if, in doing so, you damage your health what use is your wealth?

How do you find out what your core values are?

Write your TOP 3 values down. Right now, off the top of your head.
How do you feel, looking at these 3 values?
Do they really describe who you are?
What you really value most?

Chances are that you -consciously or subconsciously- have many more values than these or even totally different values altogether.

Take some time to go through this list of values and mark all the values which describe you best in this moment.
In the second step, reduce the list of your highlighted values to your TOP 8 values. You might include the 3 you mentioned in the beginning here, if they weren’t on the list. Finally, rank your TOP 8 values in a priority. Voila. Congratulations! Now, celebrate these insights.

You might now want to check whether your goals support your TOP values. They should do!
The likelihood of achieving your goals dramatically improves once your goals are written down, SMARTly formulated and following the 4 MOVE rules.

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