Do people need directions? Yes. Why? Isn’t it possible to just walk through life without having any directions? Yes, it is possible but do you really want it? Think about this: if you are sailing a boat and you don’t know where you are sailing to you will not reach any harbor. You will be sailing more or less forever. If you have a direction you will reach your target. Maybe you are unaware what your target really is so you’d better find out.

Having directions is similar to having a goal you want to achieve. If you already have a goal than you can set your course to finally reach your goal. And that is your direction! Now you are able to decide at each and every step if it brings you closer to your goal or not. And that is putting you in a position that you alone decide how you will reach your goal. Now you are the author of your story about your journey of life.

If you are aware that you are the author of your journey of life you can re-think your goal or maybe change it. Goals, especially those which (s) make sense, (m) can be measured so you know when you have reached your goal, (a) are attractive and attracts you to work on that specific goal, (r) are realistic and (t) are terminated so you know when you should have reached your goal ,are the key to directions. With “smart” you can better memorize how your goal specifications should be.

If you already know what you should do with your life or while you are living your life this will be very helpful in setting your direction through life. Now you know which harbor you are going to. And you also know that every move you make in that direction will bring you closer to your harbor and to your goal.

Doesn’t that give you a very good feeling?

Enjoy the journey of your life



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