Decisions: good or bad? Easy or complicated? Heart or mind? Now or later?…

I could set forth this list for a few hours and will not give an answer. Why? Because everything  in this way is true. It all depends!  On what? Well, on what you want and what you expect. As a human you have the ability to choose. There are always choices. OK, sometimes it seems that one option may not seem as an option. But in fact it is. There are only a few, if not just one, situations where you do not have an option or choice. That will be the end and you can relax. But in all other situations in real life there are options/choices. Some you like and some you don’t.  Your choice can be seen in the way you act. And to not decide is also a decision. If you don’t want to decide someone else will do. That is your decision. And now you see: your life is the result of your decisions! Wow.

I’m saying, that if your life is the result of your decisions than you are the author of your “life story”. You decide what will come next. Yes, it is that easy. The one thing which is hard to understand is that sometimes you are not sure what you really want and what you really expect. So  you’ll better find out.

It doesn’t matter what is happening. You, and you alone, decide how you will react and how you feel. Yes, I admit it can be very hard and challenging to have enough power over your feelings/emotions. If you can think about how you want to feel it will get easier. I think this is the first step. If you are aware that it is you who have the choice you can decide how you want to feel or react. The crucial point is that you need to remember this fact before (!) your feelings come up and your thoughts will become actions. And you can learn form every, and I really mean every, situation.

In every situation you can ask yourself:

  • what are my expectations?
  • what is happening, what are the facts?
  • how do I want to react?
  • how do I want to feel

If you are possible to get in this position you are now able to really navigate yourself through each and every situation.

Please keep 3 important things in mind: no decision is also a decision and no reaction is also a reaction and to not act is also a way to act.

Consequence: you will always have to live/deal with the result or consequences of your decisions. So better take care. Or even better, take the responsibility of your own life and decide in a way that you can live with the result of your actions and decisions.


Take care and decide wisely





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