We’ve already talked about decisions several times. Here is a new interesting point.

Sometimes when you have to make a decision about a very important topic in your life you’ll get nervous, angry, keyed up or stressed. You will ask yourself “Is that right what I’m going to do?” “Is it good for me?” “What can go wrong?” “What can I loose?” “Do I have all relevant information?”…  I guess you can add a lot of similar questions to this list. Now, hear is my experience.

I needed to decide about a very important topic for my life. The decision was about “Do I take the heart surgery or not?” If I do my life-quality will rapidly increase if not I will not have the surgery risk. During the time I had to make the decision I was really stressed because all of my thinking was mostly related to that topic, circulating around it and I was asking myself if I do the right thing.

Well, I’m not sure what will be the right thing because it’s all so complex or complicated. I can make a decision based on the information I have and decide in a way which suits my needs best.  I believe that there a lot of “right decisions” which are totally different because they all have a strong relation to the person making the decision and the circumstances.

In my case I listened to my heart and to my soul and provide them with the information I could get and also with purely mind-based conclusions. No conclusion based on emotions no emotional valuation.  And then I said “Ok, I take the surgery in that-and-that hospital at that-and-that date.” Done! No more review of that decision. I made the decision and now it’s time for me to come into action! And that was a very good feeling. After I made the decision all of my stress was fallen down, no longer keyed up , no longer nervous. And all of my thinking was coming back to the moment.  Now I’m relaxed and waiting for the surgery date. I’m really calm and easeful, kind of tranquilized.

And that is what I want you to try. Make the decision, come into action and do not rethink your decision. Just try to get the best out of it.

Life YOUR life and design it



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