On June 10, 2012 By

Decisions: good or bad? Easy or complicated? Heart or mind? Now or later?…

I could set forth this list for a few hours and will not give an answer. Why? Because everything  in this way is true. It all depends!  On what? Well, on what you want and what you expect. As a human you […]

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Fear and bravery

On June 3, 2012 By

I went on an event where you are facing your own fear. And I did it on purpose! Surprised? Well, I was surprised too. More details? Here they are. There was a tree, around 14 meters high with top cut in a way that it was a flat layer where you can stand on. To […]

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Back to work, unhappy?

On May 28, 2012 By

Getting back from vacation to work. Do I feel unhappy? Well, the answer is Yes and No.


Yes, because the vacation was really wonderful. It was relaxing and I enjoyed staying with friends and having fun and be part of interesting talks and discussions. The weather was great as well as the wine and […]

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A question of perspective

On May 22, 2012 By

Tuesday morning, your 2 year old boy is crying, your coffee machine is broken, the sun is burning hot, the wind is blowing so strong that you get your orange juice spilled over your chest…

[you fill in your favorite malheur here]

Sounds like a horrible morning?

How often have you experienced a deja-vu situation […]

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Woohoo, I survived it. The story of my very first EMS session.
As I’m always looking for effective training methods to put myself in a physical peak performance state I didn’t hesitate when my good pal Jan called me and told me we’ll meet in the EMS studio. EM-what?
EMS is the “Electrical […]

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Effective Evaluation Apps

On January 27, 2012 By

Today we’re proud to announce our latest addition of value added services: Version 1.0 of Evaluate ME for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Evaluate ME is a very slim and straight forward app to quickly evaluate presentations, speeches and performances in general and ideal for i.e. Toastmaster meetings, seminars and conferences.

Evaluate ME

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Success is a strategy

On January 19, 2012 By

How often do you meet people who think:

Success? I’m working soo hard but I’m struggling all the time. Really successful are only the top 1% so that’s not me. And speaking of that: most of them were just lucky.

Not you of course, but we all know those people, right?

What if having […]

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The power of imagination

On January 5, 2012 By

When was the last time you walked over 1800 degree Fahrenheit hot coals, barefoot, slow, confident and with the absolute certainty that nothing can stop you?
Or have you tried smashing a 2cm wooden board in Chuck Norris style?

Imagine, you were to do that tonight: How would your beliefs change? What else can […]

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What’s in it for you?

On November 21, 2011 By

Isn’t that the most important question? The one you ask before you listen to any speaker, watch a movie or read an article? Don’t we keep asking this question during any given activity, i.e. browsing a particular website or clicking it away?

On our AlphaCoaching site we would like to invite you to continuously ask […]

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Achieve your goals!

On November 18, 2011 By

A big thank you to all the 50+ workshop participants on Sunday at the Toastmasters District 60 conference in Toronto! It was a very intense 75 minute workshop about the connection between our own goals and knowing our inner values.

Although many of us already follow the Learn more