How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel energetic or lethargic? If you still feel lazy and heavy even after 8 hours of sleep, you need to review your life’s aspirations. And of course, you need to re-inspire yourself.

Here are 5 quick and simple techniques to get those […]

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Have you ever done something you never did to get something you never had? What is it? If you’ve always been intrepid, check out the tips below for self-encouragement.

Think about these 5 ways to keep yourself open to new opportunities.

1. Break away from regular thoughts and daydream about a positive vision.
2. […]

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Most people think goals are serious things. Stop thinking that way. Goals are fun things to do because they give you a light and buoyant feeling called satisfaction at the end of the day.

Alright, let’s face it, there are big and next to impossible goals – but hey, if they are your own personal […]

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There is always a rebel inside each one of us. Yet a part of us also have the urge to follow rules.

The good news is, that we can decide which rules we want to follow: The ones we learnt from society and those we inherited from our parents and teachers OR: Creating and following […]

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Has anyone ever asked you that question? Well, I am asking you – and myself – now.

Everyone has a vision of one’s self in a different stage sometime in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone can see the rough roads ahead. A lot of obstacles are there to hamper the way to success, […]

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Thank You

On March 12, 2013 By


Just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all my participants of last weeks BREAKTHROUGH workshop in Frankfurt. I’m overwhelmed by your extremely positive feedback and really appreciate how you all played out full and got out of your comfort zones. That was so great to watch!
And I […]

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Expect an expectation

On July 22, 2012 By

Expectations. A funny thing in life. I think expectations can be divided into two categories. Expectations you are aware of and the ones you are not aware of. The later ones are the majority in normal life. So, what is so funny about expectations? They rule your life. More or less and together with your […]

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I’m a kinestethic learner. I have the best learning results when I meet face to face with other people or attend their workshops and seminars. And since I know my preferences I have travelled around the globe to meet people and attend the seminars of some respected teachers in their fields.

When I […]

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The Higgs-Particle and YOU

On July 5, 2012 By

The Higgs-Particle has been found after 50 Years of research and seeking for it. Physicists are very happy and enthusiastic about it. But what does this mean to YOU? Hmm, good question. First, one missing particle of the standard model of physics has been found. Before this experimental validation it was only theory that this […]

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On June 17, 2012 By

Do people need directions? Yes. Why? Isn’t it possible to just walk through life without having any directions? Yes, it is possible but do you really want it? Think about this: if you are sailing a boat and you don’t know where you are sailing to you will not reach any harbor. You will be […]

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