Getting back from vacation to work. Do I feel unhappy? Well, the answer is Yes and No.


Yes, because the vacation was really wonderful. It was relaxing and I enjoyed staying with friends and having fun and be part of interesting talks and discussions. The weather was great as well as the wine and food.

No, because it also feels good to get back to a place where you can improve things and people are happy to see you. Even if you see the huge work in front of you.

Conclusion: It seems that your feelings depends on your mental state and when it comes to your job it also depends if your job is the right one for you. How do I find out if the job is right for me or not? Well, I think there is not just one recipe which will work for everybody. What I did is to ask myself 3 questions:

1 Do I feel satisfaction when I do my job?

2 Do I earn enough money with my job?

3 Is my job a valuable service?

When you have to do or you want to do jour job for a longer time, it would be good to a Yes to every question. That is what I have in the moment. And I think that is also why I don’t feel unhappy getting back to work. I can stay calm and concentrate and do my job with the best quality I can. And for my feelings and my thoughts about my job it is very helpful to have the following sentence in mind “It is important WHAT you do but more important is HOW you do it”. As long as I do my job with the best quality (in a way that nobody could do it better in the same environment) possible I strongly believe that it will give me very good feelings and that this will have a positive impact on my thinking and this will influence how I do my job. It’s a never ending spiral. Good!


So, re-think about how you do your job and if you decide to change it, do it.



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