Tuesday morning, your 2 year old boy is crying, your coffee machine is broken, the sun is burning hot, the wind is blowing so strong that you get your orange juice spilled over your chest…

[you fill in your favorite malheur here]

Sounds like a horrible morning?

How often have you experienced a deja-vu situation where it has been so obviously clear that this morning is the start of another day to forget? We all have these, from time to time. But then again:
What else can that mean?

Never forget: It’s your decision in every given moment how you want to feel and what you make out of a situation. There’s always more than one way to see things.
You change your perspective, your mood or your current state and the same situation will look vastly different.
How about this true occurrence:

Tuesday morning, May 22nd, on our Finca in PortoColomn , thanks to our friends 2 year old boy crying we didn’t need the alarm clock, instead of coffee we opted for the healthy alkaline water, the sun gives us a healthy looking tan and lots of Vitamin D (all for free), the wind is balancing the hot temperatures so we are not sweating and gives us one of the heureka moments of the day: How about going to the beach and Kite-Surfing today after achieving our TOP3 goals? And the orange juice… gives us a good reason to buy a new pair of nice kakis afterwards.

We decided to live in the moment and decide ourselves to feel inspired and empowered and not letting us get distracted from minor incidents.
And today, we just decided to feel magnificent and having a fantastic time working, hanging out with our friends and families and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Now what do you decide today? Or next Tuesday morning?
It’s your decision how your day looks like, how the people around you will react and how happy you will be. Be aware of your state, your mood and that there is always more than one perspective.

Live life full

Live life full!

Bodo & Moritz


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