The Alpha Coaching Rule of 5

The Alpha Coaching Rule of 5

There is always a rebel inside each one of us. Yet a part of us also have the urge to follow rules.

The good news is, that we can decide which rules we want to follow: The ones we learnt from society and those we inherited from our parents and teachers OR: Creating and following our very own rules.

Which group would you like to belong to?

Let’s create the potent mindset that ensures consistent practice of the “Top 5 Rules,” acquired from The John Maxwell Company.

At Alpha Coaching & Solutions, every day we:

1. Inspire. Ourselves and our clients to leave our comfort zone.
2. Empower. Helping to become our best-selves.
3. Grow. As human beings and with our companies.
4. Create. Passionately exploring and creating new opportunities
5. Lead. Towards our business mission.

This “Rule of 5” is a very flexible set. Change it, play with it, create your own.

How would your “Rules of 5” needs to look like, that you’d love to follow your own rules every day? Jot down a list and use it as basis for your daily rules to follow.

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