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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel energetic or lethargic? If you still feel lazy and heavy even after 8 hours of sleep, you need to review your life’s aspirations. And of course, you need to re-inspire yourself.

Here are 5 quick and simple techniques to get those creative juices flowing again:

1. Remove all negative things in your life. Do not join pessimistic thinkers. Identify the energy vampires in your environment. They tend to bemoan and complain about anything in life. And that very bad habit is contagious!

2. Always think “I’m getting there.” One thing good about success is continuity. You must continue to grow so always leave room for your personal growth. Read a chapter of an inspiring book, listen to 30 minutes of an audio-book on self improvement… Do what suits you best, but do it every single day.

3. Keep both your mind and body healthy. Read a lot and write a lot. Eat only fresh and natural foods. Walk rather than ride.

4. Be grateful. Count at least three blessings you receive each day and say “thank you” with your morning prayers.

5. Treat problems as challenges. They will be easier and more enjoyable to tackle!

Your everyday life is what you make it. Each morning, stay in bed for a couple more minutes and meditate. Tell yourself you’re happy to be alive and think of positive ways to celebrate your life. Be inspired. Be strong. And be productive.

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